Yes to natural and organic beauty and skin care and Yes To Carrots

three green and white packages. one reads, "Yes To Cucumbers Soothing hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes (30 Towelettes)." the middle one reads, "Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Daily Calming Moisturizer (50ml - 1.7 fl. oz.)." the third reads, "Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel (30ml - 1.01 fl. oz.)."

This Yes To Cucumbers regimen is $11 off in the “online exclusives.” (Read on for a 35% discount, too.) Cucumber, green tea, broccoli and spinach are key ingredients. (photo compliments of

I wanted an affordable natural or organic skin care product with a label that I could read (ya know, with truly natural ingredients). So I went on a journey.

I finally found Yes To Carrots. It boasts wholesome ingredients, and rivals the price of mainstream brands. Plus, you can save 35% on all Yes To online purchases.*

Yes To Carrots Nourishing Exfoliating Cleanser’s bottle says that it’s composed of 95% natural product.

The ingredients label lists water, dead sea water, carrot juice, avocado oil, jojoba oil, aloe leaf gel, zinc oxide, apricot seed powder, beeswax, chamomile, pumpkin juice, sweet potato extract, melon extract, orange fruit extract, honey extract, silt, algae extracts, fragrance, carrot seed oil, vitamin E, lactic acid, and pomegranate peel extract as 22 of its 29 ingredients.


An ingredients label I can read!

Why value organic or natural skincare?


Larry Winget, author of Your Kids Are Your Own Fault, writes a “You might be a bad parent” list

“Some of you are now spewing and sputtering and shouting “yeah buts” at me because your kids are great yet they have a TV in their room or are overweight or blah, blah, blah-de-blah-de-blah!  Okay, you can tell yourself that, and since I don’t know you or your kid I’ll step back and give you the benefit of the doubt.  But I still don’t believe you.” Larry Winget responds to parents regarding his list.

And his “Top Signs You Are A Bad Parent” list is hilarious and right on point.

My question is, why aren’t these things clear to most people? Do all parents think that they are allowed an exception?

My theory: you probably shouldn’t reproduce. Few people left have the solid values and personality traits to properly raise children. So I wish they’d stop pretending and use a method of birth control.

Better yet, vasectomies should be free.

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Waste money and water? Or choose an ecologically friendly lawn and get sued by Orange County officials? You pick.

This man spray paints his lawn green. I guess that's one solution. (Image courtesy of

This man paints his lawn green. I guess that's one way to do it. (Image courtesy of

California sued one couple for opting for an eco-friendly, economically-friendly yard over brown, dying grass. That’s right. California filed a lawsuit against them.

Let’s say we’re in Orange County, California. Even in the dead of winter, the coldest days are nearly 70 degrees and the sun never stops shining, burning down on exposed flesh and brown brittle lawns.

Attractive, right? I know my parents strive for a brown lawn that cost hundreds of dollars to maintain.

So why is this couple being sued?

Get exercise, save energy and money all at the same time?

(Image courtesy of

Just a random thought.

Wouldn’t it be like killing three birds with one stone if you played outside for an hour a day? You’d save energy on your TV, video games, and/or computers, and therefore, you’d save money, too.

Fresh air, the outdoors, vitamin D, exercise, less energy waste, lower electric bills.

So why don’t people spend more time exercising outside?

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“It’s like taking the American people’s hard-earned tax dollars and slapping them in the face with it.”


That’s what NPR’s Morning Edition is encouraging the American people to do to protect ourselves and the country from big bad banks.

The Move Your Money project put together the compelling video (below) to illustrate why it’s socially irresponsible to have your money in big banks instead of local ones.

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Too busy to give your kids money? ThreeJars is the solution.

(Image courtesy of

(Image courtesy of

You rarely see your kids because you’re too busy working, socializing, etc. to be a parent. So what’s the best way to fill that void?

Why, it’s to create an online account where kids can send you text alerts when they need money, of course!

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The plan to keep me accountable to my good lifestyle.

“Being good” is overwhelming.

I read Health magazine, I recycle, I eat organic, I’m converting to “good” home products, I opt for fair trade items, I pick up littered trash, I am courteous and thankful, I drive attentively, I consider other people and most of all, I am considerate of our earth.

But there’s always something new and it’s exhausting as a college student (or simply a person between 18-26). I’m struggling to fit in all of this “good” with my hectic, get-what-you-can-in-your-spare-time schedule.

I simplified being “healthy” for my life into a check list and created a journal of the basic details of a healthy and smart lifestyle.

This easily keeps me accountable everyday. The point is to see what I actually do and inspire me to pay attention to those points that I slack on.

Getting enough sleep, stretching, eating breakfast, taking vitamins, exercising, watching less TV, eating properly, avoiding drinking alcohol often, and being financially aware are the key concepts in my life-organization project.

The food log helps hold me responsible for eating greasy foods and extra desserts. As I fill in the foods I eat daily, I number my fruits and vegetables in hope to eat 5 a day.

So far it’s working, but I’ll have to keep you posted. Consider what you need to be doing differently and try it out for yourself.

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