Nightlife relies heavily on drug use. No wonder drinking and drug use is rampant.

I’m a I’m a 22-year-old female college student, so my Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights must involve applying 8 coats of mascara, straightening my hair, and trying on 18 “outfits” before opting for two pieces of fabric that only dolls consider shirts and skirts.

After hours of this productive routine, I love to go to a club or bar where I demonstrate my class by pounding back as many drinks as possible (is there any other way to look attractive?), developing drunken tunnel vision and deciding that my time is best spent “dancing” (aka spazzing like someone with an IQ of 50 trying to imitate an adult entertainer) on top of a shaky table.

What happens next?

Already recycling? Get your friends to do it: good peer pressure.

It’s not always bad to use peer pressure, right?

My recyclable recepticle. It gets emptied more often than the trash can of the same size.
Today I’m removing a piece of tape on my recycling bin. I recycle. And I get as many people as possible to recycle, too. So when I moved in with my good friend Erin last year and found out that she didn’t know much about recycling, I thought it was best to make it easy and put a label on the recycling bin.

I looked at the Baltimore County website for recycling and found their guide to what is recyclable. Then I made a cheat sheet on this piece of masking tape.

I got good results from Erin and guests, too. I’m glad it helped to save recyclables from a sad trip to the landfill.

Now that I’ve moved, I do¬†single-streamed recycling and I have a roommate that is as serious about recycling as I am and so it’s time to remove this sticker.

But I haven’t stopped converting friends to the recycling lifestyle. It’s your responsibility to spread the word, too. So use that peer pressure for something good!

A quick what-to-recycle guide for guests on my recycling bin.

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