Natural resources are wasted by thoughtless companies. I thought going green was a trend now.

Yesterday, I received a sample of Head & Shoulders shampoo with a little pamphlet about the ways the shampoo helps to eliminate dandruff. It’s great that companies offer free samples of their products. I like to take the samples when I travel instead of buying tons of miniature bottles.

But tell me why this gargantuan box had to be used to hold one measly pamphlet? The pamphlet itself could have simply been sealed on one side with an address printed on the other. It didn’t even need an envelope, much less a BOX.

Does it frustrate anyone else that thousands (tens of thousands?) of these were distributed, each wasting a whole box made of paper for each? Ridiculous.

And I know I’m kidding myself when I hope that each recipient recycles it. I just have to shake my head and sigh.

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