Proposed AUG program practically holds your hand while you shop

(Image courtesy of AUG/Living Goods Program website)

The Augmented Living Goods Program could not make it easier to shop for local and responsible groceries unless they promised a personal expert shopper to every person that steps foot in a grocery store.

I’m not exaggerating. It’s the future, and it’s one of the most useful and beautiful ideas to come out of this age of excessive technologies.

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You’re trying to avoid H1N1, but what’s in that hand sanitizer?

GoodGuide is thinking about your health and your hands. We all know it’s important to keep your hands clean in order to stay healthy through this winter and flu season (or you’d better learn quick), but if you’re using hand sanitizer to replace a tradition soap-and-water method or between hand washings, you need to check out this slide show.


(Image courtesy of

Yes, there’s an app for that: the GoodGuide Lifestyle Application for the iPod touch and the iPhone

My newest issue of Health magazine featured an article called “America’s Healthiest 100: presenting the people, products, and trends that make healthy living easier, faster and a whole lot more fun.”
The GoodGuide application is going to save me so much time making the right decision.
Number 20 is GoodGuide, a free application that “makes it easy to do the right thing. It helps build your shopping lists with goods rated for health, the environment, and social responsibility” (the description offered by Health magazine).

Amazing, right? I immediately reached into my purse, pulled out my iPod touch and downloaded this FREE application.

It’s user friendly and features “70,000 food, toys, personal care, & household products” (according to the welcome email I received after registering).

In addition, the application tells you what’s “Behind the Rating” by highlighting the product’s company’s general “good” or “bad” practices. Finally, this application gives a list of “Ingredients to Avoid in Category” so that you know what to look for on each product’s label.

I needed dishwasher detergent, so today I pulled up the GoodGuide application‘s list of the highest rated dishwasher products in seconds. And I recognize the brands. For example, Seventh Generation and Method are two brands in the top three rated and I can find them at Target.

It used to be hard to figure out which products to choose as a responsible consumer. Keeping up with every trend and new dangerous ingredient seemed impossible. But now there’s an app for that. Thank goodness!

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