The health lesson I learned from Burn Notice

scene from the tv show Burn notice. two men standing in a kitchen. man on left, Sam, is a little chubby wearing a Hawaiian shirt with a large tub of fried chicken on the counter in front of him. man on right, Michael, is shirtless and very muscular and fit and is eating a cup of yogurt

(photo compliments of from Burn Notice: Season 1, Ep. 11)

Michael Westen is obsessed with yogurt. In every episode of Burn Notice, he eats a cup of yogurt, opens the fridge to reveal that it’s filled with only yogurt, or Sam escapes a weird conversation with Fiona by slipping out to get some more yogurt for Michael.

What is that about?

Well, Michael Westen is cut (see photo). And yogurt is a super food.

I’ve talked about the general foods that fuel fat loss, but let’s highlight yogurt.

Women’s Health magazine boasts on its list of the 12 Best Foods for Your Abs that fat-free or low-fat dairy, like yogurt, builds strong bones and fires up weight loss. It also fights osteoporosis, obesity, high blood pressure and cancer.

How do you lose 81% more abdominal fat?


Apple juice, I’m leaving you for cranberry

glass with red drink surrounded by a pile of cranberries

(photo courtesy of

Earlier this week, I drafted a post called, “I’m finished with fruit juice.”

When I was allllllll finished, I searched for a graphic to add. The photo I chose (left) was in a article called “How Cranberry Juice Can Prevent Urinary Tract Infections.”

Here, I learned that, “[cranberry] juice changes the thermodynamic properties of bacteria in the urinary tract, creating an energy barrier that prevents the microorganisms from getting close enough to latch onto cells and initiate an infection.”

And, “the effects of regular cranberry juice cocktail and diet (sugar-free) cranberry juice are identical.”


So I guess I’m just finished with non-organic apple juice now.

Why? Read my original post.

Really, read it:

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Fuel weight loss with good foods and a healthy eating plan

flyer page called the 12 best foods for your abs the smart eater's cheat sheet for life from women's health. it's a list of 12 foods with coordinating pictures. 1. almonds and other nuts with skins intact 2. bean and legumes 3. spinach and other green vegetables 4. dairy products (low-fat or fat-free milk yogurt and cheese) 5. instant oatmeal (unsweetened, unflavored) 6. eggs 7. turkey and other lean meats 8. peanut butter 9. olive oil 10. whole grain breads and cereals 11. whey powder 12. berries

Plan your meals around this list of superpower foods, compliments of

I must get my eating under control. It’s tough to get my sleep and exercise right while I’m lethargic from eating sugar, fat and junk all day.

On my brain: a healthy food guide (about to be on my fridge), and a recent reading.

The healthy food guide is from Women’s Health magazine. “The 12 Best Foods for Your Abs: A smart eater’s cheat sheet for life” needs to make it on your fridge, too. (Pictured, left.)

And I found some great nutrition reminders in, “A Hunger-Free Way to Flatten Your Belly,” in the March issue of Health Magazine.

This article features straight-forward health advice (“Every day, aim to get 30 minutes of exercise, spend no more than six hours sitting down, and keep your calorie count in the 1,500 to 2,000 range”), plus, some simple nutrition advice I had sort of forgotten:

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Vending machines: healthy and responsible?

(Photo courtesy of

Yes! Vending machines that aren’t evil diet-ruiners.

H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending distributes tasty, healthy and natural snack options.

Healthy Vending sells popchips (low sodium, fat in 100-calorie bags), LUNA bars, Clif bars, Raw food snack bars, organic Horizon milk, coconut water, all-natural sodas without sugars, all-natural energy drinks, healthy cracker and cookie snacks, Honest Teas, Muscle Milk, pro-biotic drinks, organic yogurts and bottled water.

I hear the snack and drink options from Healthy Vending are more expensive than traditional ones, but I applaud the company’s efforts.

H.U.M.A.N. stands for “helping unite man and nutrition.”

I can’t wait until I see one of these machines. I’ll buy a product just to support their cause.


McDonald’s “bionic” burgers hold the secret ingredients to immortality. They never mold.

I discussed the possibility of genetically engineered tomatoes that could last up to six weeks. I was generally resistant to this idea. But yesterday, while chowing down on my McDouble and fries from McDonald’s (I know, I know), I recalled hearing about several accounts on the chemicals, toxins and other disgusting ingredients McDonald’s packs into its burgers.

Well, evidently, they pack so many preservatives and chemical additives into these burgers that they are nearly immortal. Meaning you can leave a McDonald’s Big Mac out on a table for 18+ years and the only change in appearance will be a thick layer of dust.

Just watch for yourself

There actually are good, thoughtful, responsible people in our society.

Deirdre Lynds (Image courtesy of her blog, Such a Pretty Face)

I was convinced that there were about 40 people in America that have considered the thought below. Now I know there are 41.

“I think there are too many people today that feel they are entitled to certain aspects of life when they have not done a single thing to earn it. A lot of people will blame those outside forces, but instead of dealing with the problem, they will whine until something is given to them to make them shut up. American society today is a lot like that. If we complain enough society will give us a pacifier to shut up. Instead of encouraging people to take responsibility for their lives, we encourage them to be beggars, to become complacent and apathetic in trying to succeed” wrote Deirdre Lynds.

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They’re tomatoes. They’re delicious. They’re six-weeks old.

Image courtesy of the Daily Mail online.

Scientists recently developed a strain of genetically engineered tomatoes that don’t go bad for 45 days. That’s 30 days longer than now. Say hello to the end of wrinkly old tomatoes hiding in the vegetable drawer of your fridge. Sounds great!

Just kidding.

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