Television: the new parent for our children.

Bar graph illustrating the increase in the number of televisions per household from 1975 to 2010. In 1970, almost all households had one television. In 2010, a strong majority of households have 3 or more televisions.

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While lounging on the beach at Ocean City, MD, a woman vacationing with her family mentioned she had been on the beach every day while her husband and two sons spent the time inside the water-front hotel room on the boardwalk (a premium location) playing video games and sleeping.

Anyone else find that odd?

You pay for a room for a week in a city with dozens upon dozens of awesome outdoor activities, and the family stays inside, absorbed in screens?

On a similar note, does anyone find it the slightest bit odd that living/family rooms are designed around the television?

What happened?

College: half-ass your way to graduation.

I’m not endorsing the above statement.

I don’t have to. It’s a daily habit of students already.

I hate turning in garbage. If I haven’t done what I’m supposed to do, I don’t try to turn in some crap I whipped together. I’d rather take a zero.

That hasn’t worked out for me. This is my sixth year of college.

I’m in my final semester, and I’ve discovered that classmates are experts at just turning in bull.

They don’t care about learning. They care about passing.

Show up, turn in half-assed work, cram for your exams (so you can forget everything immediately after), pay tuition, and you get a diploma!

Yes, sleep through class. Yes, text through class. Yes, wear sweatpants to class. Yes, beg professors for leniency.

What do I mean?

Lupe Fiasco’s “Words I Never Said” from Lasers declares a powerful message about America

In honor of Lupe Fiasco‘s release of Lasers tomorrow, Mar 8, this Music Monday post is dedicated to Lupe‘s most recent release from the album, “Words I Never Said.”

This track and “The Show Goes On” have a direct message about the indecency and corruption in American culture. And I’m putting it nicely. Just listen to the track “Words I Never Said.”



Lupe’s previous albums (Food & LiquorThe Cool) used sophisticated literary devices to speak to the issues that inner city culture and Black youth face. Both albums feature songs that are extended metaphors, the entire album, The Cool, is an extended metaphor, and Lupe personifies abstractions like The Cool, The Streets, and The Game to further reveal traits of the Black struggle. In The Coolest, he says, “Streets got my heart, game got my soul.”

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You’re sleep walking through life. Wake up. A case of the Mondays will not excuse you.

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Productivity, motivation, and responsible living must be at an all-time low in the United States. As a society, we’re lazy, unhealthy, unproductive wastes of life. Yes, wastes of life. We spend our free time numbly shopping, watching TV, surfing the internet, watching movies, etc. Donald MacNaughton, a consultant on leadership development and performance psychology, wrote a compelling post, Wide Awake, about just this.

What else could we be doing with our time?

So why do rich, privileged white men (the world’s minority) make the decisions?

I came across this handout from one summer’s Resident Assistant training at Towson University.

When they know nothing about the situations and struggles that the majorities (of the world) face, why do white, privileged men make the decisions for the rest of the world? No wonder there are so many conflicts.


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