Social awareness: people you should follow on Twitter

The “Be Good.” Twitter list has been difficult to build, but I have added new members that deserve to be noted here. If you’re interested in beefing up your timeline with some informative tweets, check out these profiles.

Twitter icon for Adam Jackson or @SmartBlackMan. black background, light bulb, "smart black man" on red,black,green stripes

Adam Jackson @SmartBlackMan Founder of VP of @LBSBaltimore. Dedicated to justice, freedom and peace. Black Nationalist. Born/Raised/Live in BMore.

Twitter icon for Real Time LA Riots or @RealTimeLARiots.

Real Time LA Riots @RealTimeLARiots 20 years later: Livetweeting the Los Angeles Riots as they happened on this date and time in 1992. Account powered by@NBCLA.


Twitter icon for Anti Consumerism or @ANTIconsumerism

Anti Consumerism @ANTIconsumerism Consumerism destroys human beings psychologically, emotionally and spiritually; it creates a self-destructive society bent on consuming everything in its path.

Two more…

Pet Peeve: If you’re a driver who can’t figure out what the fast lanes and the slow lanes are for, get to the right. Now.

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Nightlife relies heavily on drug use. No wonder drinking and drug use is rampant.

I’m a I’m a 22-year-old female college student, so my Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights must involve applying 8 coats of mascara, straightening my hair, and trying on 18 “outfits” before opting for two pieces of fabric that only dolls consider shirts and skirts.

After hours of this productive routine, I love to go to a club or bar where I demonstrate my class by pounding back as many drinks as possible (is there any other way to look attractive?), developing drunken tunnel vision and deciding that my time is best spent “dancing” (aka spazzing like someone with an IQ of 50 trying to imitate an adult entertainer) on top of a shaky table.

What happens next?

There actually are good, thoughtful, responsible people in our society.

Deirdre Lynds (Image courtesy of her blog, Such a Pretty Face)

I was convinced that there were about 40 people in America that have considered the thought below. Now I know there are 41.

“I think there are too many people today that feel they are entitled to certain aspects of life when they have not done a single thing to earn it. A lot of people will blame those outside forces, but instead of dealing with the problem, they will whine until something is given to them to make them shut up. American society today is a lot like that. If we complain enough society will give us a pacifier to shut up. Instead of encouraging people to take responsibility for their lives, we encourage them to be beggars, to become complacent and apathetic in trying to succeed” wrote Deirdre Lynds.

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“It’s like taking the American people’s hard-earned tax dollars and slapping them in the face with it.”


That’s what NPR’s Morning Edition is encouraging the American people to do to protect ourselves and the country from big bad banks.

The Move Your Money project put together the compelling video (below) to illustrate why it’s socially irresponsible to have your money in big banks instead of local ones.

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“The health of millions of women around the world is threatened by irresponsible men”

In his article, “The Female Condom: Effective and Underused,” Dr. Jon LaPook discusses the rampant spread of HIV and STIs due to an irresponsible lack of use of condoms. His emphasis is on the development and use of the female condom because most people don’t even know that one exists.

I wish we lived in a pre-HIV world, but we don’t.

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Careful driving is a civic duty

Stopped behind this truck at an intersection in Towson one afternoon, I saw the message on the back and it got me thinking.

Stopped behind this truck at an intersection in Towson one afternoon, I saw the message on the back and it got me thinking.

The above photograph was the spark of this blog. One afternoon in February I saw sitting at the intersection of York Road and Burke Avenue in Towson, MD and I saw the message across the back of a Giant truck. I took a picture because I thought that it was such an interesting idea.

“Careful driving is a civic duty,” was the message pasted across the back of an 18-wheeler. Hmm. Who pays attention to this message? What does it mean? I don’t usually get my behavioral information from reflective stickers on trucks. Aren’t parents supposed to tell you this? Driver’s Ed schools, even?

Now that I’ve brainstormed this message and its implications, I’ve developed plenty of thoughts about civil/social behavior and responsibility. I hope this blog will be a great display of those thoughts and more as it develops. For now, thanks for reading as I get started on what should be an interesting project.

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