“No.” The most important word in parenting.

Times when “no” can be used:

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  • “But Mom, everyone is going to the co-ed sleepover.” NO!
  • “I don’t wanna mow the lawn. Can I play video games?” NO! (And you can do the dishes now, too.)
  • “Dad! It’s just one D!” NO!
  • “But Mommy, I want to run around the restaurant.” NO!
  • “But I hate peas! I want ice cream!” NO! (Go hungry for a day and see if you won’t appreciate your peas.)
  • “I’m 16. Can’t you sign for me to get my tongue pierced?” NO!
  • There are more


Why Black people shouldn’t have faith in white people.

I’m starting to understand why Black people have given up hope on white people in the racism debate.

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It’s because when white people hear that voter literacy tests were used to keep Black people from voting, they’re upset because it’s obviously prejudiced (though they say “racist”) to ignore that, to an extent, white immigrants were also excluded from voting because of it.

It’s because when white people hear about those little Black struggles in (oh-so-ancient) history like slavery, mass lynchings, and Jim Crow laws, white people ask what the current Black generation’s excuse is.

It’s because…

Lupe Fiasco’s “Words I Never Said” from Lasers declares a powerful message about America

In honor of Lupe Fiasco‘s release of Lasers tomorrow, Mar 8, this Music Monday post is dedicated to Lupe‘s most recent release from the album, “Words I Never Said.”

This track and “The Show Goes On” have a direct message about the indecency and corruption in American culture. And I’m putting it nicely. Just listen to the track “Words I Never Said.”



Lupe’s previous albums (Food & LiquorThe Cool) used sophisticated literary devices to speak to the issues that inner city culture and Black youth face. Both albums feature songs that are extended metaphors, the entire album, The Cool, is an extended metaphor, and Lupe personifies abstractions like The Cool, The Streets, and The Game to further reveal traits of the Black struggle. In The Coolest, he says, “Streets got my heart, game got my soul.”

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Is there a lack of black role models? Mark Sullivan discusses Oprah, athletes and role models in media.

This is the second part of a five-part interview analyzing the negative portrayal of African Americans in the media with Dr. Mark Sullivan, an adjunct professor at Towson University.

My second question while interviewing Sullivan, a professor of Mass Media and Society, was regarding positive black role models in the media. Is there a shortage? Why? And what about Oprah’s fame versus criticism for helping other countries and neglecting the inner cities of America?


The best quotes:

Child obesity could be prevented easily by encouraging an hour of exercise a day.

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What happened to the old days when kids went and played for their entertainment? When did watching television, sitting at a computer or playing video games trump riding bikes, going hiking, building forts, swimming, playing sports or simply spending time with friends outside?

Serious exercise activities shouldn’t even be necessary to stop this trend of obesity in children. Kids naturally enjoy playing and being active, they’re just allowed to vegetate in front of a screen. Where are the parents when kids spend their after school time (straight through to bedtime) inside on their butts?

Who’s doing something about it?

Larry Winget, author of Your Kids Are Your Own Fault, writes a “You might be a bad parent” list

“Some of you are now spewing and sputtering and shouting “yeah buts” at me because your kids are great yet they have a TV in their room or are overweight or blah, blah, blah-de-blah-de-blah!  Okay, you can tell yourself that, and since I don’t know you or your kid I’ll step back and give you the benefit of the doubt.  But I still don’t believe you.” Larry Winget responds to parents regarding his list.

And his “Top Signs You Are A Bad Parent” list is hilarious and right on point.

My question is, why aren’t these things clear to most people? Do all parents think that they are allowed an exception?

My theory: you probably shouldn’t reproduce. Few people left have the solid values and personality traits to properly raise children. So I wish they’d stop pretending and use a method of birth control.

Better yet, vasectomies should be free.

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You’re sleep walking through life. Wake up. A case of the Mondays will not excuse you.

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Productivity, motivation, and responsible living must be at an all-time low in the United States. As a society, we’re lazy, unhealthy, unproductive wastes of life. Yes, wastes of life. We spend our free time numbly shopping, watching TV, surfing the internet, watching movies, etc. Donald MacNaughton, a consultant on leadership development and performance psychology, wrote a compelling post, Wide Awake, about just this.

What else could we be doing with our time?

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