See your nutritional health in a daily bar graph with SuperTracker's SuperTracker Website allows users to input their food and activity information to create nutritional and exercise goals. it provides users with a comprehensive report on their nutrition and links to information regarding the individual's daily habits

The SuperTracker at ChooseMyPlate provides comprehensive reports on a user’s nutritional needs and successes.

No, calorie counting is not my thing.

I just posted about it. But while researching for that post, I found the SuperTracker at and the curiosity was too much.

All of a sudden I have a profile and I’m entering my breakfast information.

But it’s amazing! And soooooooo much more than a calorie counter.

I set any 5 goals from 5 categories: weight managment, physical activity, calories, food groups and nutrients. Daily, I get to watch a graph display my progress on each goal, and when I succeed at one, I get an email.

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Most people do not care about their health.

How do I know this?

two slightly overweight men leaning on a waterpark inner tube

I went to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, Virginia, for two days. It’s an indoor waterpark. Hundreds of random American people with their families in bathing suits were strutting around half naked.

About six people appeared to be in good shape. Two women. Four men. And one woman had obvious surgical help in the chest area, so I can’t be sure of her overall authenticity.

Two days. Ten hours. Hundreds of people. Six of them noticeably in shape (meaning lacking excessive fat on the body with reasonable muscle development).

And what’s funny is that those six people were pointed out in surprise and awe. Like, “damn, look at those abs.”

There were plenty of pot bellies, fat rolls and flabs hanging out everywhere.

What does this tell you?


Child obesity could be prevented easily by encouraging an hour of exercise a day.

(Courtesy of

What happened to the old days when kids went and played for their entertainment? When did watching television, sitting at a computer or playing video games trump riding bikes, going hiking, building forts, swimming, playing sports or simply spending time with friends outside?

Serious exercise activities shouldn’t even be necessary to stop this trend of obesity in children. Kids naturally enjoy playing and being active, they’re just allowed to vegetate in front of a screen. Where are the parents when kids spend their after school time (straight through to bedtime) inside on their butts?

Who’s doing something about it?

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