College: half-ass your way to graduation.

I’m not endorsing the above statement.

I don’t have to. It’s a daily habit of students already.

I hate turning in garbage. If I haven’t done what I’m supposed to do, I don’t try to turn in some crap I whipped together. I’d rather take a zero.

That hasn’t worked out for me. This is my sixth year of college.

I’m in my final semester, and I’ve discovered that classmates are experts at just turning in bull.

They don’t care about learning. They care about passing.

Show up, turn in half-assed work, cram for your exams (so you can forget everything immediately after), pay tuition, and you get a diploma!

Yes, sleep through class. Yes, text through class. Yes, wear sweatpants to class. Yes, beg professors for leniency.

What do I mean?


Apparently, humor only gets you demoted in the Arizona school district

I guess the parents wouldn't laugh at this sign, either. (Image courtesy of

“If your child is one of the mediocre few that excels on the homework, please congratulate them with a warm handshake or perhaps a half-hearted high-five…”

That’s right, I quoted it.

And Ron Sterr, the Arizona principal that accidentally sent out the letter that featured the quote above, should have stood by the message in this (albeit harsh) rant about lazy parenting, the celebration of mediocrity and an over-sensitive society, too.

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