About this blog

This blog follows my struggle against being an ordinary American female.


Yes, I am American. My family has lived and learned and grown here for many generations, but we’re not necessarily the average American family. Dad is all about the Constitutional America and frequently reminds me to read some Thomas Payne. Mom’s values rival those of a ’50s television show, and it’s admirable. I’m just another person struggling with the daily grind in the U.S.. It leaves me stressed, isolated, unhealthy and unhappy.

Disclosure: Despite my reasonable upbringing, I thought it would be cool to spend a few years falling victim to America. I’m done with that, and this is my recovery. My rehabilitation years have begun.

Posts will include: daily observations and experiences, formal and informal interviews about issues with American culture, comments on news and current events, questions to spark debate, features of people with good ideas, etc.

This blog follows my speculations and analysis of how American culture falls short, and how I’m trying to be better. Don’t be surprised if I tell you that things are your fault. Don’t be surprised if I strike a nerve. Don’t be surprised if I say something immature as I make new discoveries. But most importantly, don’t be closed-minded or a stranger. Comment, speak up.


Important to note: This blog’s header is a graphic designed by Maxwell VanHook, a student of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA.

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