Your health is a social responsibility

This blog is about social responsibility and I post a lot about health.

Maybe you think I’ve slipped off track, but I want to set the record straight.

I recently started following Blindfold on Facebook. I do not, (repeat) do not endorse all of their messages or sources, but the following three (specific) concepts really appealed to me.

photograph of a dinner table place setting: knife, fork, plate and one large half-yellow, half-white medicinal capsule in the middle of the plate. a quote frames the picture: "People are fed by the Food Industry which pays no attention to health, and are treated by the Health Industry, which pays no attention to food." said Wendell Berry

(photo compliments of

photograph of three people in guy fawkes (character from the movie V for Vendetta, a revolutionary man who stages impressive pranks/attacks against an oppressive 1984-type government) masks holding a large sign that says "the pharmaceutical industry does not create cures, they create customers."

(photo compliments of

image of black text in grey blocks on a black background reading "the system works because you work"

(photo compliments of

So why is maintaining your health a dire issue of social responsibility?

Because if you support a broken system (examples: the health care/pharmaceutical industry and the food industry), you’re helping it work.

I’ve said this before: your money is your strongest vote. Each dollar supports something.

Do you support the pharmaceutical industry that would rather:

  • your child take a dose of medicine everyday instead of learning discipline or concentration?
  • your Mom suffer from diabetes, related complications and expenses when she could just lose weight?
  • your wife grow dependent on synthetic thyroid hormones when she could just balance her diet?

Or would you like your dollar to encourage changing the cycle?

Maybe these are exaggerated, maybe I didn’t hit home, whatever.

The point is: think about it.

When you hear about bad health care, an ER visit that ran 7 hours long, that cough that won’t go away, a serious surgery that, come to find out, wasn’t necessary, think about it.

Take control of your diet, your immune system, your fitness as your part of correcting or at least freeing yourself from this cycle of illness.

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