We need both mothers and fathers.

young girl swings from her parents' arms, but the father character has been painted over in white so that only the mother and daughter are visible while the father figure is vacant in the photo

(photo compliments of dailymail.co.uk)

Of the people I know, I can tell you who has been raised without a father, or a mother, or in a home victim to divorce, without having ever asked the person.

The people in the above categories exhibit similar behaviors and conduct their lives similarly.

We frequently hear about women with “daddy problems” who grow up without father figures. These women seek male attention in all of the wrong ways and participate in risky behavior. People say, Oh haha! Her daddy didn’t hug her enough as a child! But any person missing either a mother figure or father figure is starved of essential information in life, and have problems maintaining healthy relationships forever.

I recently read, “Like Father, Like Son, and, Yes, Like Daughter” by Molly B. Koch in Baltimore’s Child. It’s a good read about the importance of father figures.

Over and over, I find my theories to be repeated in articles and studies. And yet, people never learn to take heed of what I say.

One day. One day.

Until then, let’s realize that this is a serious issue. There must be resolution.

I wanna scream, “Keep it in your pants, and take marriage seriously!” But I suppose that it is more complicated than that.

What do you think?




  1. hmm. I think it’s much more complicated than just mother/father role models,.although I wish people would take marriage much more seriously, as well as parenting.
    I thought there were studies that showed that nearly as many children from ‘broken’ families were able to ‘make it’ (as in complete education, etc) as children from ‘normal’ families.
    But without good ADULT role models (male as well as female) I think it is very difficult to make it, to have successful relationships, etc.

    Based on this post, I am curious to hear your opinion on gay parenting. Can two dads be just as good as a mom and a dad?

  2. I also wish people would take parenting and marriage more seriously. Both are crucial in this world.
    But to address your overall comment, I was careful to mostly use the phrase “mother figure” and “father figure” because it is true that with role models of both sexes, and role models of what a healthy relationship is, I think children will do just fine.
    I’m not an expert or anything, but the article there, “Like Father, Like Son, and, Yes, Like Daughter” speaks a bit to it as well. A child just needs to know how men act and how women act, what roles they can fulfill, the various strengths that come from both sexes, and the dynamics between them.

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