Weekend activity, weight loss and exercise: Ice Skating

With the admittedly cheesy title of “free-your-bum Fridays,” this post will kick off a new category: ideas for getting off your butt or away from a screen on the weekends (or whenever).

This week: Ice skating.

Find a rink.

MarylandIceSkating.com has a  list.

I used their list to map Maryland’s ice skating arenas and rinks. Click on a blue placemark to see the admission costs, deals, public session times, addresses, phone numbers, and Websites of the ice skating rinks in Maryland:

This Google Map of Maryland's Public Ice Skating Rinks and Arenas serves as a guide to this weekend activity challenge. It was created in April 2012.

Not from Maryland? A simple Google map search for “ice skating rink or arena near ______ (city, state)” will connect you with local rinks.


Consider the following:

  • Wear tall socks to protect from the skates. Your socks should reach at least mid-calf, and you should probably considering wearing two pairs.
close up of a person's feet in white figure skates on the ice with a setting sun behind

(photo compliments of abetterbagofgroceries.com)

  • Dress in layers. Indoor ice rinks are chilly until you get moving. You may need to shed a layer or two as you work up a sweat.
  • Keep your hands out of your pockets. If you need to catch your balance or break your fall, your hands will save you. Don’t tie them up in pockets. Maybe you should pull out the gloves.
  • Remember that you have two large, sharp blades on the bottoms of your feet. Safety first.
  • If you are slipping on the ice or really struggling, your blades may be dull. Check with an employee to trade in for a sharper pair of rental skates or to have your own blades sharpened.
  • Bring a tissue or two. Moving around in the cold air will sometimes get your nose running. Be prepared in order to avoid that annoying but occasional side effect.


If you find that you are really getting into skating and want to get your own pair of skates, Play It Again Sports sells gently used sports gear. I got a pair of decent hockey skates there for about $20 a few years ago. Great deal.



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