Television is evil and it’s rotting your brain

back of kid's head as he faces a large snowy television screen taking up the whole photo

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I stand firm for a movement against screen-run lives. Technology is taking over my life.

In my goals, I noted that “tv=evil.” Let’s extend that to all screens: phones, video games, computers, tablets, iPods. (Yes, I understand the irony of blogging this information.)

Reasons to war against excessive media use:

  • You sleep best when it’s dark, don’t you? Who needs to mess with an already erratic sleep schedule by staring at a bright light after sunset?
  • Ever noticed that when someone’s eyes are glued to a screen, it’s challenging to call them into the real world? It’s annoying and rude. Let’s not be those people.
  • Who has the time? A tv show is 30-60 minutes. I can get a decent workout in 16 minutes (one example). There are too many beneficial things to do, and too little time.
  • How many studies need to be released about the dumbing effects of tv, especially on children. An article, “Setting Limits on Tube Time,” in Baltimore’s Child says, “Dr. Gregory Bryant… believes long-term overexposure to media may, in fact, be quite detrimental to kids.”

Times were priceless (and people were thinner) when families talked together, played together, took care of the house together, crafted together, and more.

My focus this week: board game hunting. A great alternative to screen entertainment, board games get people laughing, connecting, socializing, memorying. More importantly, no one stares at a bored game with zombie eyes and tongues lolling (not cute).

At $20+ each, though, we’re going to apply the concept of recycling and smart consumerism through a thrift-store treasure hunt for some classic board games.

Check back for a post on my success.


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  1. Partially unrelated comment…. but I heard there is a great new consignment shop in Bel Air, in the festival. Might be good to check it out.

  2. We play a lot of Risk, Settlers, scrabble (yes, also the real kind rather than wordfeud), and more recently: Sequence. I think Settlers is really fun – Just a little tip =) Also, feel free to come borrow some of our games 😉

    (hey look, we agreed on something ;))

  3. There is totally no hassle; there are no other points to do aside from placing it around your waist.

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