Apple juice, I’m leaving you for cranberry

glass with red drink surrounded by a pile of cranberries

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Earlier this week, I drafted a post called, “I’m finished with fruit juice.”

When I was allllllll finished, I searched for a graphic to add. The photo I chose (left) was in a article called “How Cranberry Juice Can Prevent Urinary Tract Infections.”

Here, I learned that, “[cranberry] juice changes the thermodynamic properties of bacteria in the urinary tract, creating an energy barrier that prevents the microorganisms from getting close enough to latch onto cells and initiate an infection.”

And, “the effects of regular cranberry juice cocktail and diet (sugar-free) cranberry juice are identical.”


So I guess I’m just finished with non-organic apple juice now.

Why? Read my original post.

Really, read it:

For years now, I’ve made drinking a glass of cranberry juice a day a habit.

It’s a struggle to find “100% juice: cranberry” written on a label, and even then, other juices make the ingredients list before cranberries.

Next, after reading that “Ten of [36 samples of five store-bought apple juice brands] showed concentrations of arsenic higher than the amount allowed in drinking water” in Health magazine, I was looking for an organic, 100% cranberry juice.

Four words: Not. in. my. budget.

The calories, sugars, and lack of nutrients are not my favorite factors of juices either.

So, I think I’m going to stick to my water and low-fat milk, and just eat some fruit. That way, I get all the nutritional benefits of food, plus the added benefits of the skin and fibers, and knowing what I am putting in my mouth. After all, I think I’d notice if my actual cranberry was 46% grape.


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