Racism in the Elevator

An older White lady stands in an elevator, two large Black men step in with her. She steps backward and noticeably tightens the grip on her purse.

The two Black men see this, look at each other and start laughing hysterically.

The next day, the woman receives a note that says:

Thanks for the best laugh we’ve had in years.


Michael Jordon and Charles Barkley

This story’s authenticity is highly debatable. But Professor John Bullock told it to my Urban Government and Politics class a few weeks ago. Then I saw this hilarious video on YouTube.com by Reckless Tortuga.


“Hi. Every 45 seconds, a Black man enters an elevator. And some stupid White bitch clutches her purse for her dear life. Now you might not think we notice. But we do.”

Black people are criminals. It doesn’t matter if a Black man is a millionaire, dressed in a three-piece suit, or ordinary. Racist people believe that Black people are all bad-intentioned.

White people: How offended would you be if you walked into an elevator and got this reaction? Ouch.

But let’s pretend like it’s not a big deal.


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