Most people do not care about their health.

How do I know this?

two slightly overweight men leaning on a waterpark inner tube

I went to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, Virginia, for two days. It’s an indoor waterpark. Hundreds of random American people with their families in bathing suits were strutting around half naked.

About six people appeared to be in good shape. Two women. Four men. And one woman had obvious surgical help in the chest area, so I can’t be sure of her overall authenticity.

Two days. Ten hours. Hundreds of people. Six of them noticeably in shape (meaning lacking excessive fat on the body with reasonable muscle development).

And what’s funny is that those six people were pointed out in surprise and awe. Like, “damn, look at those abs.”

There were plenty of pot bellies, fat rolls and flabs hanging out everywhere.

What does this tell you?




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