Openly disliking a person should be socially acceptable

An authority figure in my life sucks. But it seems like because we’re babies celebrating mediocrity I have to accept his condescension and disrespect.

See, he is only subtly a bad person. He hasn’t killed anyone, hit anyone, admitted to his “off-the-record” comments, and he keeps his prejudices covert. Plenty of people are wronged by him but because it’s not overt they ignore the issue.

His character flaws: he is a liar, inconsistent, racist, manipulative, a hypocrite, and selfish. He is also arrogant and therefore unapologetic for these flaws.

  • Example 1: To me, he points to a slide show representing the company and complains that it’s inappropriate because one photo features a woman with large breasts wearing a little tank top. Hours later he brags to a male employee that the girl was “his hire” and asks rhetorically, “Great, right?” He calls all female employees “girls.” Male employees are more likely to be praised for completing basic work tasks. Male employees are most often favored if a conflict occurs between a male and female. Male employees are favored for promotions.
  • Example 2: He lectures that managers cannot drink alcohol with employees but joins employees at a bar after a work meeting for a beer. He sometimes ends a shift, gets drunk and returns to work (“off the clock”) near closing. He stays while his employees are cleaning up, and interjects opinions about work issues. He even entered into a work-related confrontation with an employee while visibly intoxicated.
  • Example 3: After weeks of seeing a higher percentage of Black customers (maybe 6% instead of 4%), he comments that “with the recent clientele, the place is looking like a hip hop club.” In the past year, our sole three Black employees have the job position requiring them to clean spills, run garbage, and act as security.

I could go on. Please ask me for more examples if these don’t do it for you.

Some people deserve and command dislike. This man is one of them. Yet I would be out of line if I respectfully pulled him aside and explained that I would prefer not ever speaking unless a necessary work-related message needed to be conveyed.

Explain to me how bad people get coddled. Because we’re not allowed to hurt their little-widdle feelings?

At what point is it ok to disagree with the core characteristics of another person and be open about it?



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