Why Black people shouldn’t have faith in white people.

I’m starting to understand why Black people have given up hope on white people in the racism debate.

(Photo courtesy of ToonPool.com)

It’s because when white people hear that voter literacy tests were used to keep Black people from voting, they’re upset because it’s obviously prejudiced (though they say “racist”) to ignore that, to an extent, white immigrants were also excluded from voting because of it.

It’s because when white people hear about those little Black struggles in (oh-so-ancient) history like slavery, mass lynchings, and Jim Crow laws, white people ask what the current Black generation’s excuse is.

It’s because when white people hear that the Federal Housing Administration legally restricted Black people from obtaining loans or mortgages in the ’50s, leaving inner city Black families victim to surveyors that scammed the Black population out of (just in Chicago) one million dollars a day, white people say that it’s ok because they’re making up for it by sitting jobless while Section 8 covers the rent.

It’s because when white people hear that the prominence of liquor stores, unhealthy carryout spots (plus a lack of well-balanced groceries) and crack cocaine in inner cities is part of the modern movement to keep Black people down, white people bring up “other conspiracy theories.”

It’s because when white people hear that almost all of the murder victims in Baltimore last year were Black, white people say that it’s a shame all Black people want to be in gangs and drug deals.

Feel free to add more.

I wish white people admitted how racist they were. Just because it’s covert doesn’t mean it’s ok. It’s not enough to claim to be neutral about racism. If white people have any sense or respect for Black people they must be ANTI-racist.



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  1. It’s not ok that white people treated African Americans that way. It never was and never will be, but as a white female, I know that it is not only “whites” who can be predjudice.. that can happen in any race. I think the point is, instead of giving up and pointing fingers and being bitter, we all need to co-exist! Noone (not even white people, mind you) should be judged on their ethnicity!

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