Do you text while driving despite the MD ban that went into effect in October?

My suspicion is that people have hardly slowed their texting habits even though it’s illegal to text message while operating a vehicle in many states now, including Maryland. I asked the question on Facebook to see what responses I’d get from my peers.

The last commenter does not text message at all, ever, so she’s in the clear. But otherwise, it seems that people are aware that it is a dangerous and distracting activity while driving. I imagine that the ban has helped to inform people of the dangers. So even if people haven’t stopped their texting while driving, perhaps they’re doing it at safer times. I think waiting until you’re stopped at a red light is perfectly acceptable.

What do you think? Do you still send or read text messages while you drive?

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  1. I don’t have a car anymore so no, I don’t text and drive anymore.
    Maybe instead of banning phones they should just ban cars.

  2. haha my comment on not driving anymore is true, I no longer have a car and my mode of transportation is a bicycle and public transportation.
    However, I think that if I did have a car, I might still text sometimes – but I was never an avid driver and texter before. It was usually while stopped at red lights or typing very slowly while I was driving – but never in heavy traffic or anytime I felt uncomfortable with it.

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