Word on the Street: Kids’ favorite shows and what their parents don’t let them watch on TV

Does America’s youth watch shows meant for their age group? Do parents ever censor or restrict certain shows anymore?

One weekday evening, I went to the Towson branch of the Baltimore County Public Library to ask various kids about what television they watch and aren’t allowed to watch. I think it’s interesting that children are rarely protected from mature content and that parents who do restrict their children’s television freedom are seen as crazies.

What shows were/are you not allowed to watch?

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  1. there wasn’t any shows i wasn’t allowed to watch. but i wasn’t allowed to watch movies with nudity or sexual content if that counts.

    In France, that’s a lot of movies.

  2. I was not allowed to watch the show V back in the 80s when it originally came out. My parents felt like I would never trust people to be who they say they were if i watched a show about aliens that pretended to be humans(sorry about the the run on sentence, I tend to do that)

  3. I just generally wasn’t allowed to watch too much TV, or anything on late at night (It might have eben anything after 8 or 9?) but I don’t remember any specific things I wasn’t allowed to watch. Pretty sure it was just at the discretion of my parents.

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