So why do rich, privileged white men (the world’s minority) make the decisions?

I came across this handout from one summer’s Resident Assistant training at Towson University.

When they know nothing about the situations and struggles that the majorities (of the world) face, why do white, privileged men make the decisions for the rest of the world? No wonder there are so many conflicts.


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  1. Haha wow memories!

  2. wow this really puts things into perspective. especially the 50 would suffer from malnutrition and the college education. wake up world!

  3. “When they know nothing about the situations and struggles that the majorities (of the world) face, why do white, privileged men make the decisions for the rest of the world? No wonder there are so many conflicts.”

    Really? how can you prove that their would be fewer conflicts if white, privileged men made fewer decisions in the world?

    Let’s pretend that white men didn’t make decisions for the world. Would the Japanese still have invaded China in the 1930’s, would the Turks still have massacred the Armiens in 1915, would Pol Pot have commited genocide in Cambodia and would Nigerian Muslims go on a rampage and execute Nigerian Christians. As you may realize all the above acts-and more-were committed by what is known as “people of color”!

  4. In response to Henry:

    Yes, there have been many egregious acts committed by people of color. But “privileged white men” have not only committed just as many horrible acts but masterminded them as well. Would Idi Amin massacred hundreds of thousands of Ugandans with out support from the “White Man”? Would Saddam Hussein, Augusto Pinochet have slaughtered their people without similiar support?

    By arguing that the whole world wouldn’t be better off without white men in power, you’re saying that people of color are less fit to govern their own affairs. Hundreds of Native American tribes flourished here in what is now the United States. Fast forward to today, they have almost completely extinct. The tribes of Africa were a similar story. Due to the power vacuum created after the end of colonialism and forced nationalism, there is constant waring and killing between tribes. Would these events have occurred if not for white men? Would 30-50 million Africans have died in Western Slave trade?

    Additionally, the “White Man” conveniently refuses to assert it’s power to protect people of color. Where were the powerful white men when thousands of Cambodians were being slain? Where were they when Rwandans were being massacred? Yet, they were eager to “protect” the Vietnamese from Communism. They were fervent in their efforts to “save” the Chileans from Salvador Allende and the spread of Marxism in South America. The “White Man” is diligent in stopping “Islamo-faschism” from spreading in the Middle East, but ignores genocide in Somalia and Sudan. The “White Man” condemns the Taliban for financing their operations by producing heroine, yet the US created a drug (Crack) and spends hundreds of millions of dollars to flood the inner cities with this deadly drug, leading to thousands of deaths here in the US as well as thousands killed by drug cartels in South America.

    If your argument is that these events would have occurred without white influence, you are clearly mistaken

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