“The health of millions of women around the world is threatened by irresponsible men”

In his article, “The Female Condom: Effective and Underused,” Dr. Jon LaPook discusses the rampant spread of HIV and STIs due to an irresponsible lack of use of condoms. His emphasis is on the development and use of the female condom because most people don’t even know that one exists.

I wish we lived in a pre-HIV world, but we don’t.

I’m so upset when I hear about people who are too scared or nervous to tell their male sex partner to use a condom. Instead of dealing with a few moments of (perhaps awkward) conversation, you’d be happier with an STI? I don’t think so.

And if he says no or tries to smooth talk his way out of it, say good-bye. No sex is good enough to be worth HIV.

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  1. I completely agree with you on this. I would rather be uncomfortable for a minute or two versus a lifetime.

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  2. While I agree with the post, the title is somewhat misleading. If the woman is “too scared or nervous to tell their male sex partner to use a condom” it is as much her fault as the irresponsible man’s. It takes two to tango ya know 😛

  3. hmm…i agree with the comment above me…it definitely takes two to tango..each person is equally responsible.

  4. The title is a quote taken from Dr. Jon LaPook’s article and it’s in regards to the idea to develop the female condom. The full quote reads: “One of the many impressive projects it was supporting was at PATH, a non-profit organization that was developing and promoting a new female condom. The sad, age-old reason: the health of millions of women around the world is threatened by irresponsible men.”

    I decided to use that truncated quote as the title for two reasons: 1. to get reader attention and 2. to point out just that: why “irresponsible MEN.”

    Ben, Shin- So, I agree. You’re absolutely right about it being the equal responsibility of both people involved.
    I just know so many women who hesitate to say no to their anti-condom partners. And it’s just not ok to remain silent on the issue.

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