They’re tomatoes. They’re delicious. They’re six-weeks old.

Image courtesy of the Daily Mail online.

Scientists recently developed a strain of genetically engineered tomatoes that don’t go bad for 45 days. That’s 30 days longer than now. Say hello to the end of wrinkly old tomatoes hiding in the vegetable drawer of your fridge. Sounds great!

Just kidding.

First, the tomatoes need a lot of testing and probably won’t be in markets for years (if at all). Second, there have yet to be comments about the way these tomatoes taste. Third, doesn’t this sound a little awful?

I can’t help but think of the opening scene in National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation:

Clark: Kids, come on in here! Gather ’round! I wanna show you something.

Rusty: Is it my new car?

Clark: Keep dreaming, son. Here, eat these. [hands wife, daughter and son each a cookie, they each take a bite]

Rusty: They’re chocolate chip.

Ellen: They’re delicious.

Clark: They’re four years old. [family spits out the cookie bits and make disgusted sounds]

Clark: [laughs] Anyone for milk? Eight years old!

And that’s how I think I feel about 45-day-old tomatoes. We’ll see, though, if they ever make it into markets.

What do you think? Genius idea or has genetic engineering gone a little far?

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  1. Not going to lie, the idea of healthy vegetables usually equates with fresh in my mind. So if I’m eating any tomato that is on the verge of 2 months old… I would hope it is either canned or frozen. Not sure I can get my head around a veggie that has been sitting on the counter for 45 days…

  2. I know. It just SEEMS gross! What happened to regular old natural, quick-rotting tomatos?? Is that what the world is coming to?

  3. […] “bionic” burgers hold the secret ingredients to immortality. They never mold. I discussed the possibility of genetically engineered tomatoes that could last up to six weeks. I was generally resistant to this idea. But yesterday, while […]

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