Apparently, humor only gets you demoted in the Arizona school district

I guess the parents wouldn't laugh at this sign, either. (Image courtesy of

“If your child is one of the mediocre few that excels on the homework, please congratulate them with a warm handshake or perhaps a half-hearted high-five…”

That’s right, I quoted it.

And Ron Sterr, the Arizona principal that accidentally sent out the letter that featured the quote above, should have stood by the message in this (albeit harsh) rant about lazy parenting, the celebration of mediocrity and an over-sensitive society, too.

Instead, he called parents and apologized. And then his supervisor suspended him, and will possibly fire him. Is that necessary?

Honestly, a frustrated principal in a typical American school wrote this as a hilarious inside joke.

Let’s step back from the over-sensitive, “politically correct” modern mentality and realize that, while any reasonable adult can be upset that this error (sending this letter) did occur, we should laugh and dismiss it.

I suspect that the parents who are up-in-arms about this letter probably need to consider the messages within it.

The facts are that Sterr took responsibility for the mistake, apologized and does actually care about the success of the children attending his school.

Sterr says, “I have always loved the kids, and I believe they know it. For anyone to assume that I have those kinds of views is uninformed.”

So quit whining and be a parent: sharpen the pencils and start that 2nd grade homework.

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