I’m sorry. Which spot were you aiming for?

I have a goal: to seek out some of the worst parking/driving decisions and post the photos of such events on this blog to clarify improper driving/parking/vehicle use etiquette.

A sloppy and lazy parking job.

I’m sorry. Which spot were you aiming for? And when you got out of the car and noticed the white line was four (or more) feet from the side of your car, did you think, “Gee. Perfect parking job. I’ll bet that someone can definitely park in the spot on the other side of my car.”

To top it off, the spot on the left that this car is rudely taking 30% of is a handicap parking spot.


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  1. So many people in my town park that way that it is a common joke that we just use the lines different here. Obviously the white lines are there so that you aim to get the a line under the middle of your car.

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