Washing your hands a lot to avoid flu doesn’t have to dry them out

With healthy and moisturized hands, you may be able to hold the world.

You can show your healthy and moisturized hands to the world without fear this flu season. (Image courtesy of http://flan.csusb.edu/)

During a visit to my dermatologist today (to have my severely dry hands checked), I learned that you don’t have to (and really shouldn’t) wash the backs of your hands with harsh soaps in order to remove the germs from your hands. Most things that you touch are with the palms and sides of your hands and fingers.

So you can save the delicate and thinner skin on the backs of your hands and stay protected against germs like those that cause swine flu.

That being said, please wash those important germ-transmitting palms and fingers thoroughly with soap and hot water, scrubbing for at least 20 seconds to kill the germs.

Noted also in the dermatologist visit was that using a bit of lotion on your hands after every washing is best. She also recommended buying hand soaps that are for sensitive skin, that say they contain moisturizers, and that have no scent or dies in them.

I’m going hunting for such a hand soap and lotion today. I’m thinking about trying the Health Concern in Towson first, then I may check Trader Joe’s and Target’s organic/natural body products section may carry something good and inexpensive.

I’d appreciate any suggestions, too.

Happy hive fives and hand shakes!

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