Do you think you can drive safely while text messaging?

The New York Times released this driving and texting simulation to demonstrate how difficult it is to drive properly while text messaging. Below is a screenshot, but you can do the activity for yourself on their website.

A screenshot of The New York Times' test to gauge your text messaging distraction.

A screenshot of The New York Times' test to gauge your text messaging distraction.

Honestly, this activity is highly challenging, but probably not realistic.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t drive through toll booths every four seconds or change lanes haphazardly. I also don’t have to use a cursor to select each letter of text.

For most of us, texting is second nature and can be done without looking at our phones. However, looking down for even 2 seconds puts a driver and other cars in danger.

Should it be illegal? I’m not sure. But if we all can’t learn to behave accountably and responsibly and stop driving with multiple distractions, then I imagine plenty of distracting driving activities will be outlawed as the death tolls pile up.

How did you do on the New York Times’ test?


  1. Yeah that game is just a little over the top. If driving was like that no one would even attempt to text while driving!

  2. I love that you are being so honest in this post and sa texting is second nature to many. But also noting that it is dangerous to text. Many people would not be that honest on such a controversal topic. Thanks

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