Recycling can be tedious. But what if it means a new wardrobe? Or dining room set?


I’m not just talking about paper, aluminum or glass (although you better be recycling those, too). I’m talking about your clothes, shoes, furniture, jewelry, etc.

There are countless things that exist and aren’t being used. Instead of sending them to the dump, trying to pawn them off on friends or hoarding them away, you can gather them and give or sell them to Goodwill or a consignment shop.

Plato's Closet in Towson accepts brand name items for teens and young adults and sells them at a great price.

Plato's Closet in Towson accepts brand name items for teens and young adults and sells them at a great price.

Now you may not have considered this “recycling,” but it absolutely is. Think about it. Instead of buying a new pair of jeans that require new cloth, metals, string, electricity, gas (shipping), and human energy, you can go to a nice consignment boutique (or a thrift store) and purchase a gently used pair that already exist.

I love going to Plato’s Closet, Vogue Revisited, Goodwill and Salvation Army stores for great deals. I’m always getting compliments on earrings, shirts, belts and purses that I buy from these places.

I recently purchased two bookshelves and a complete dining room set for just under $100 from the Salvation Army and they’re amazing, hardy pieces.

That’s why this is the best type of recycling. Because after you’re done cleaning out your house and offering your gently used goodies up to local stores for others to find, you can go shop for some fresh items that won’t empty your wallet.

Before you turn your nose up, I completely understand how tedious it is to search through 500 shirts before you find ONE that isn’t an XXL from the ’80s, but you’d be surprised at how well Goodwill and the Salvation Army sort things these days. And if you’re really picky or short on time, some of these venues (like Vogue Revisited or Plato’s Closet) only accept boutique or brand-name items and then sell them at a price that will fit any penny-pinchers pocket.

This is one reason you can’t complain about recycling.

Are there any other amazing stores in the Baltimore/Towson area that you’ve discovered?

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