If you don’t want the flu, wash your hands.

A sign in the lobby of the Administration Building on Towson University's campus.

A sign in the lobby of the Administration Building on Towson University's campus.

And the award for best opening sentence about avoiding the flu goes to WVNS’s recent news story: “The power to stop the flu virus from spreading is literally in your hands.”

I could never have said it better. Beyond each of us having the power to end the spread of swine flu, it is almost as simple as washing your hands.

On a white board in Van Bokkelin, a building on Towson University’s campus, someone wrote “Washing your hands 4 times daily reduces chances of disease transmission 6-fold.” And now there are multiple hand sanitizer dispensers per floor of most campus buildings.

Think about it. You  wash your hands after you use the bathroom and before and after you prepare food (at least I hope this is an already-established minimum). But think about your daily activities: How many door knobs do you touch? What about all of those papers that have been through ten other pairs of hands? The phones? The keyboards? The counters? The desks? The dishes? The coffee pot? A pen? How many hands do you shake or high-five? How many times a day do you sneeze? Or brush hair out of your face? Wipe the corner of your mouth? Itch your eye? Itch your nose? I could go on, but the above list is tedious enough.

The point is that your hands are everywhere and they usually end up back around your face. The best way to catch a disease is by touching something and then putting it near your nose, eyes or mouth. So keep those digits clean to avoid getting sick in these dangerous swine-flu times.



  1. Yeah dude. C-C is so right about this. Don’t just wash your hands, but wash the things that you are going to touch.

    The computer labs in VB not only have hand sanitizers for your hands but disinfectant wipes to use to wipe down the computers.

    P.S. stop high-fiving people, its all about the pound now a days or just give them a head nod, its way more gansta.

  2. […] your hands clean in order to stay healthy through this winter and flu season (or you’d better learn quick), but if you’re using hand sanitizer to replace a tradition soap-and-water method or between […]

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