5 people to follow on Twitter if you need tips on life

While there are few people specifically tweeting about social responsibility or any variation of the sort, there are several twitterers out there that give good advice for all of the aspects of your life. In no particular order:

@dougpmd Obviously, the health of the world’s newest generation starts in the womb and with responsible, knowledgable mothers. OB/GYN Physician with information and resources on health issues confronting women today.

@vinniethevespa This man comments on various things that pertain to “good” living. One of my favorite tweets: Kids always the same… but lack of school discipline, media over-exposure, bad parenting and dropping social standards, have failed them.

@Cooking_Light This group offers good information for healthy eating and therefore healthy living (and therefore good living). They always offer good recipes, advice, etc.

@MrPigglesworth Part of being responsible is giving back to our Earth. One way to do so involves planting and helping to get more vegetation planted. This user offers lots of gardening/yard/planting tips and shortcuts for the average person.

@goodhealth Not only does Health magazine publish a great magazine guide to healthy and good living, they tweet all sorts of tips in between issues. Tweets include general health tips and trivia throughout the day and a near-daily posting of links to really interesting and important health current events out there.

This is the first part in a two-part series. 5 more people to follow on Twitter will be coming soon.

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